• Is there an Apple Watch app?

    Coming in a future release

  • Can i use it on iPad

    Updated 29/5/20: Full iPad support is available now! iPad users should note that a telephone number is required, use your main contact number here if you are setting up for the first time on your device. It’s not supported yet, but it should work if that is your only device, however, if you don’t have... View Article

  • Can I be part of multiple communities?

    Not presently.

  • Is there an Android app?

    Not presently. If there is sufficient demand we will build one. iOS was the priority as it has better accessibility options, so we have gone where we believe the core users will be. We are aware a lot of community members may use Android, but we have a lot of additional functionality to bring to... View Article

  • Why do I need a community Leader?

    If you are the person who may need assistance, you may be wondering why you need a community leader. After all, you may be independent in most areas of your life. Essentially this scenario was considered when the app was being conceptualised. The reason a community leader is required is to build in safety, first; for... View Article