Everyone needs a hand sometimes. And that’s what we’re trying to do here, make it easier for people lend, or receive, a helping hand if they need it.

When using Community Assist you will be part of your own personal, local, and private, community. At the centre of which is the person who may need assistance.  When our person who may need assistance requires the aforementioned help, they can easily signal their community to let them know. Requests are separated into non-urgent and urgent requests and community members can set notification routines to suit their availability for either requirement.

Using Community Assist is a great way enjoy personal growth, gain new perspectives and increase the bonds within your small community of trusted friends and neighbours, all just helping out where they can.

How it works

Think about your community in three categories. You should recognise yourself in one of these roles. we’ve got…

  • The person who may need assistance
  • The community leader, this is probably a trusted friend/family or support worker
  • And community members, lending a hand when they can

Once you’ve joined or set up your community, the person in need of assistance can simply buzz the entire community if they ever need a hand either using the app or using Siri Shortcuts.

If you’re willing to assist, let the community and person in need of assistance know, either from Community Assist’s rich push notifications or back in the app so everyone knows all is in hand.

Don’t forget to set up your availability so we don’t bother you with requests at the wrong time!

This app is safety first.

As an example the community leader needs to set up the community then add the person in need of assistance to the community. Community leaders will need to verify any new members, (Community leaders can choose to relax some of these rules if they think it’s appropriate). This is to enforce a buddy system and build in protections via oversight for the person who may need assistance. Community leaders can also view  a log of previous requests.

This app is privacy first.

I don’t want your data, sounds problematic, I’d have to store it, there are, like, laws about privacy and stuff. They are good laws too, ones to be respected. That sounds like a hassle getting in the way of providing a useful tool  for hopefully improving lives occasionally. So it’s important to let all Community Assist users know that all the data is securely held in iCloud. I have no idea about any of it beyond the expectation of “what should be there” and that’s the way I like it.

Who is this for?

Disabled people, friends and family of people with mobility issues may find utility with this app. But it’s not just people with mobility issues that this app is for, this app is for anyone who needs a little support from the community and those who care about them.

How about that elderly woman down the road from you that lives on her own? She certainly gets no help from public services what with government cuts and all and when you see her she always mentions how she couldn’t do something and you always felt bad that you weren’t there at the right time?

 If you know someone who could fit into a description like that, chances are there is a great opportunity for you to help  form a community around that person and help them out, when you can.

Why A Community Assistance app?

Technology enriches lives. That was the lofty goal that our digital world was in part founded around. More and more these days though, it can seem that that very technology that was designed to better enable peoples lives is increasingly isolating people.

The app Community Assist was, in part, born to add more weight to the side of the scales leading to enrichment of lives. By using Community Assist, you can join others around the globe in making the world a better place. Starting with those that are closest to you.

This app in itself cannot make changes, this app is a conduit to helping you better engage with your local community, helping when and where you can and on the flip side, never needing to be afraid to ask again. As such, hopefully the magic this app provides to you happens more in your day to day lives as people cooperate around a common cause.