V1.0.1 is live, now with full iPad support!

Request and respond even easier than before with Community Assist now on both iPad and iPhone.

Along with numerous other bug fixes, regressions, fixes to those regressions, and then a smattering of performance improvements on top; V1.0.1 finally makes Community Assist beautiful on iPad too.

Due to how Community Assist leverages iCloud, your profile can be seamlessly shared across both iPad and iPhone, meaning if you do get a request that notification is right where you need it when you need it.

Hopefully users that tend to use their iPad as their primary device find utility with this new release.

What are you waiting for? get over there, get downloading and get assisting! Community Assist can be found on the App Store

Download on App Store

Scan the QR code using the camera app on your phone to go to the app in the App Store

scannable QR code

What’s next?

Well, we think it’s about time we dropped the Apple Watch version. Currently in early beta testing, the Apple Watch version will launch asap!


With a new release there are often issues, especially with a service as new as Community Assist. If you’re having any issues drop us a line so we can help out

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