Preparing for launch

After an intense period of preparing, daring, tearing and swearing. We are almost ready to get down to the important bit; caring.

yes, V1.0 of Community Assist is currently in review with Apple and once we are ordained as truly righteous enough our stuff shall finally be available on the App Store for you download and begin assisting your local community.

I mean, yeah, our timing could have been better…

when we first started building Community Assist, one of the biggest challenges that we could present ourselves with was communicating the utility of an app that allowed a user to create their own personal, private community as a means to receive assistance if required. Then 2020 happened and here we are.

Design for accessibility, design for everybody

There is an old adage in the field of User Experience design that by ensuring technology is accessible to anybody, we create a product that works for everybody. Circumstance will create it’s own opportunities. So, it’s really interesting to see that Community Assist may be able to benefit such a large new group of potential users as people continue to follow the rules of self-isolation

Can Community Assist be used to help people who are self isolating?

Oh my, yes. The original vision for this app was that it would reduce points of friction in the daily lives of anyone with a mobility issue. Self-isolating provides it’s own type of freedom of movement concerns even for those without mobility issues. So if you know someone who you would like to keep closer tabs on during the period of self-isolation, Community Assist can be a great way to make remotely monitoring the care of someone that bit easier

When will Community Assist be available?

As soon as Apple approve it!

We are live on the App Store

Make a difference, today

This article you've been reading? Well, the authors have an app which enables people in need of assistance and their local community to provide and receive better assistance when required.