Make your difference, today.

Community Assist, the app that enables you to provide, or receive, timely assistance via members of your own local private, and personal, community

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Not all the time.
Not every time.
At the right time.

Even those of us with the most extreme of lifestyles sometimes want some assistance. That’s all we are trying to do here, enable people to lend a hand, when they can.

Safety, and privacy, First.


Community leaders are in control by default. Community leaders create the community and community leaders must verify community members. This can be adjusted in settings.

Your walled garden.

Only community leaders and the person who may need assistance can see community member contact details and vice versa. Other members of the community can’t see your details

It’s your data.

All data is securely stored in iCloud. The developers have no access to this data. There is no tracking of your behaviour or selling your personal data in this app, thank you very much.

Urgent locations.

Community members can receive location data with urgent updates along with what3words locations for use if contacting emergency services is ever required

No strangers.

Straight forward sign up means that community members will have been near the person who may need assistance to join a community. Community leaders can invite members via link


To help organise a community around requirements, and for peace of mind, community leaders can view a log of how many requests are issued, when, and who responds to them.

Ready for everyone

Taking full advantage of the iOS system you know so well, the app utilises the following accessibility features:

  • Voice Over
  • Dynamic type
  • Reduced motion
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • High contrast colours
  • Dark mode
Download on App Store